Boundary has a full fleet of directional drilling tools to meet the most demanding of directional and horizontal applications. We offer positive pulse and EM, retrievable MWD and LWD's as well as fix mount rotary pulsers for high LCM situations. We only use the highest quality directional sensors designed specifically for the extreme environment of down-hole drilling conditions. We have a complete line of performance mud motors of various configurations to meet your performance drilling needs.




Positive Pulse

 Our retrievable positve pulse tool is the GE-Tensor MWD. This is a standard platform that we can add EM, gamma ray, vibration, or resistivity.  Given the flexibility of it's modular design we can easily add new technologies as they come available.  This rugged system is the backbone of our MWD systems.



Our EM tool seamlessly adapts to our existing MWD system.  With the added support of a mud pulse system on surface all your bases are covered.


Mud Motors and Tubulars


Boundary has a large fleet of Mud Motors for your drilling needs.  We have both adjustable bent housings (ABH) and fixed bent housings (FBH) and a large combination of power sections.  As a directional company we are committed to supplying high quality motors for both the directional and performance portions of your well.  We carry both Wenzel, National, and Cavare products combined with Weatherford or Dyna-Drill power sections.  If you have any specific questions or applications please feel free to contact us anytime. We will do our best to help you or find someone who can.

We have a large assortment of Non Magnetic Drill Collars, subs, string stabilizers, standard subs and cross-overs.  If your looking for a hard to find cross-over or tubular we may have what you're looking for.  All our tools are inspected and certified after every job.


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