Boundary is a full-service directional drilling company. We offer complete well planning services as well as technical advice such as torque and drag, anti-collision, well path optimization and bottom hole assembly recommendations. We offer full MWD and Mud Motor packages designed to meet the most demanding of directional drilling applications. We also rent performance motors, MWD systems, and various subs and tubulars. If you need something that you can't find, please contact us and we'll gladly see if we have what you need or if we can find it. Check out our Equipment section for more information.


   Well Planning

 Boundary is capable of providing fast and accurate well planning.  We strive to have drafts back to the client on the same day and we professionally draft our drawings for well plans in Autocad. Furthermore this allows us to double check our numbers against a scale drawing.  We supply a simple scalable pdf of the drawing along with the proposed well surveys for the clients use. Below are samples you can click to preview.


Example Well 4


We use land survey software to confirm surface and bottom hole coordinates in NAD27, NAD83 and the Local Coordinate relative to legal boundaries, confirming distance and bearings to targets.  Given the tight targets that most clients require today this allows us to confirm that bottom hole is actually inside the relevant LSD and Gas/Oil Target boundaries.


Since most sections aren't actually square this is added security that the well is placed correctly. We also work with the land survey company to resolve any discrepancies that we may find while planning a well and providing a triple check for the drilling engineer.


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